Day: April 5, 2016

Silent Eye: Leaf and Flame – The Foliate Man

Originally posted on Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!:
Very soon, I shall be setting off up North for the fourth Silent Eye April Workshop/weekend of Ritual Drama and lovely fellowship. I am looking forward to it enormously. Two years ago, I played the role of Sekhmet – and an incredibly powerful and life-changing experience it was too. My character’s imprisonment and torture at the…

Thought without words

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
“Love you!” says my granddaughter, wearing a huge grin and blowing soggy kisses She still can’t pronounce the words quite right, nor does she really know what they mean. She only knows they always bring smiles when she says them. She has learned them from the big people who feed, cuddle and play. The ones with whom she…

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