An old haunt

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


“If we were to tell the whole story, no-one would believe it. Even I don’t believe it!” Except, we were there. We know what happened. We were part of that surreal succession of coincidences, odd occurrences and strangeness that set our feet on a new path…one whose direction we could never have imagined.


Going back over that incredible series of events, it sounded fantastic, even to us. Looked at individually, there was not one part of that adventure that could not have been explained away in hindsight, but take the whole thing together, where events came one after the other, minute by minute and it is a different story…and we were there. It was indeed incredibly strange.


We have revisited many of the sites that were part of that weekend over the past few years, but it had been a long time since we had been back to the little…

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