From a very special lady…

The Silent Eye


At a recent meeting, one of our Companions, a woman of both Beauty and Grace, read us a short piece she had found, that she had written many years ago. We asked if we could transcribe it and share it here:

As life is more in touch with the Spirit now… as you begin to see the curves and twists of the Spiral Dance, the only reference you need is the ability to manoeuvre through the valleys of uncertainty that loom towards one in the unseen mists of repetitive uncertainty. The leap of faith is definitely needed then.

Traversing the many hills of weakness and temptation, eventually a plateau is reached from which the view is overwhelmingly in favour of Beauty of Being and the joyful acceptance of one’s inner state reflecting, like a mirror, that eternal landscape from which we draw our sustenance, life everlasting.

It is obvious…

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