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Tender is the Night

It’s a song by Blur and an iconic book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The latter is autobiographical, and tells of the steady decline of his beloved wife, Zelda, as she descends into madness… I don’t often write about dementia. But my mother’s own final years are proving to be a similar descent. She’s in a care home in Morecambe, on the seafront with beautiful … Read More Tender is the Night

Wanton Whimsy: 5TAG

You can see the moment they get it… When their tone changes: “Must be just for show; the whole thing – car, suitcase left casually on the luggage rack…” “What makes you think that?” the woman asks. “Just look at the number plate!” The man adds, cocky…but sensing fragility. It’s usually one of the women who sees it first. “It’s not STAG, Ken, it’s … Read More Wanton Whimsy: 5TAG

And heaven was a breakfast…

And heaven was a breakfast… A tiny Salford cafe on the corner of the busy road where we turned for the final leg to work. Half an mile away but a full hour to get there… Within Paul’s Cafe was Paul; eclectic, gregarious. A man who had walked away from the edge of Salford’s gang culture and made great food, instead. A friend who … Read More And heaven was a breakfast…

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