Month: March 2022

Reaching Realisation

The purpose of language is to convey meaning. We cannot convey meaning directly because it exists in an invisible mental realm unique to the individual. We all live in slightly different worlds, based on our own experience. As a tribe, society or country, we each agree to subscribe to the inherent values present in that shared group. We use language to pass meaning to … Read More Reaching Realisation

#StillLight : Ceramic Sunrise

Once every two years we go to a local ceramics fair, held in the middle of the Cumbrian countryside. The majority of items are pricey ‘artisan’ pottery. We usually admire them and move on, but occasionally we’ve been moved by a piece and return before we leave to make a purchase. The other day, we were cleaning and partly rearranging the living room. My … Read More #StillLight : Ceramic Sunrise

ButWhatIsIt? #5

Badly out of pocket in Limoncello after the eagle-eyed spotters of last week’s ‘groyne’ image cut through my deviousness, I’ve upped the ante with this one… The cunning clue: you wouldn’t want to get caught the wrong side of it! ++++++++++++++++++++ Answer Time ++++++++++++++++++++++ There were no fully correct answers. Audrey Driscoll came the closest, but I’m going to be magnanimous with this one … Read More ButWhatIsIt? #5

Unsung Heroes: Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley

The man put down the copper piece. Its construction had taken months, each day a voyage of learning. The elderly and bearded tutor had been patient, his bright eyes – a contrast to the dark beard – had eagerly overseen the development of the shaping of the copper pieces, then the detailed carving of the flowers, followed by the refinements, and eventually, the final … Read More Unsung Heroes: Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley

Golden Daffodil

©Stephen Tanham 2022 Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

But what is it!? #4

Here’s #4, a very strange object! A new feature: the ‘cunning clue’ : ‘It may have been there a long time?’ The answer will be published below on Monday evening. This will give time for our blogging friends in far places to consider the image and cogitate! Please write your entries in the blog’s comments. Good luck! ————- Answer ———— I’m going to do … Read More But what is it!? #4

Four new horsemen of the Apocalypse

No-one needs reminding of the dangers we now face… ‘World War Three’ seems to be on everyone’s lips. There’s a danger of self-fulfilling prophecy about this, with images of clever told-you-sos grinning after the event… albeit it, briefly. How did we get here? I’d like to propose four new horsemen of the modern apocalypse: greed, fear, impotence and ego. There’s nothing new about any … Read More Four new horsemen of the Apocalypse

Rivers of the Sun

And did we dare, upon these rugged Yorkshire hills. To dream we could, then frame in would, then do… Life mirrored in the human word, embracing those who spoke it With commitment and with love That, flowing into what was seen up high, in heather heaven Became, like sparkling stream in winter, a promise. -;–;–;- Then, eight circles later of the Sun, you left … Read More Rivers of the Sun

But what is it!? #3

People said ‘more!’ after #2 – (the china cup and silver spoon), so here’s another… Now updated with the answer, see below… Good luck! Please write your entries in the blog’s comments. The blog will be updated with the answer by 11 pm on the day of the post. The placeholder, below will be replaced by another photo showing the context of the opening … Read More But what is it!? #3

The ejector-seat of self…(1)

Do we really understand mindfulness? It’s become one of those ‘must do more of that’ sentiments, as though we could press a button on the side of the head. Perhaps the reason for our chagrin is not that we lack diligence, but that we think it’s a chore… Possibly that we don’t feel pulled or compelled from within to practice it? After all, we … Read More The ejector-seat of self…(1)

The pram at the crossing

The station at Przemsul was frantic. The kind of dirty, smelly and noisy frantic that signals a refugee crisis… I’ve seen a few. My grandfather lived through many and made sure I knew their signature.. and what the reality was beneath the headlines. They were streaming into the central concourse of the station in their hundreds, eyes wide in terror of the unknown – … Read More The pram at the crossing

But what is it!? #2

#1 was quite popular, so here’s another… Update is below… This will answer the puzzle: The image was the handle of a coffee cup, with a silver spoon reflecting the border of the cafe in which we were taking a break from our walk In Maspalomas, Gran Canaria – hence the bright sunlight. Thanks to all who took place. Virtual bottles of Cognac, as … Read More But what is it!? #2

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